We are literary natives because we recognise literature's ability to help us make sense of our lives in a postcolonial capitalist world and its ability to help us envision a new world altogether. For people like us, books have always provided us with a place of belonging. To be a literary native is to inhabit a world that is not defined by physical borders, nationhood or citizenship, but rather by a genuine love of literature and writing. If you can remember the first time a story has made you feel like you belonged, then you are one of us.



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We provide daily inspiration, support and community for BIPOC writers all around the world. When we say BIPOC, we mean Black, indigenous, and people of colour. We're for writers at every level of experience;  from new writers searching for inspiration, to published authors looking for their tribe. We are not publishers or agents, but we aim to support writers by connecting them to publishing opportunities and initiatives where available. Most of all, we're here to have fun and bridge divides with the beauty of the written and spoken word.