About Us​

Literary Native is a platform for writers of colour in London and beyond. We produce events and workshops for writers of colour and connect aspiring writers to the publishing industry. Since launching in February 2018, we have produced a range of events, such as the Transnational Identities event at the Migration Museum in June and Travelling Tales, a storytelling session at the London Literature Festival. We have developed an intricate network of writers from every corner of the industry including fiction, poetry, screenwriting, spoken word, and theatre.

It is by no mistake that most of the writers that we work with are writers of colour. As a result of the continued misrepresentation of diverse voices in the publishing industry, we aim to centre the experiences of writers from minority ethnic backgrounds in everything that we do.

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I am beyond blessed to be here today!! The panel is filled with people who have inspired me and reminded me that my voice is important. #LiteraryNativesLive

Something special about the first


gathering. so many writers of colour united under one roof. lots of support for one another and important discussions about overcoming obstacles and validating our voices #LiteraryNativesLive

So uplifting to be in a room of writers carving spaces for themselves and fighting for BAME/POC representation and stories in literature and media. Thank You


for creating this platform and allowing me to share my short story "Victor y Magda" #LiteraryNativesLive

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