Calling all Eldest Daughters of Immigrant Families!

creating in quarantine.jpg

Creating in Quarantine: a one-off digital zine for the creative musings of immigrant daughters in lockdown

Being the eldest daughter in an immigrant family is a uniquely complex experience, and the experience of balancing multiple identities and roles at home whilst working, creating and living is worth exploring. We've teamed up with Home Girls Unite, a podcast and support group for eldest immigrant daughters, to publish a one-off digital collection of work (poetry, short stories, essays, photography and art) by eldest immigrant daughters. The scope of the brief is broad: you can write about whatever you want as long as you're an eldest daughter of an immigrant family.

Send in your writing to by Tuesday 12th May. There are no submission guidelines for this one! If it can be published in digital zine format, we'll consider it. You don't have to address the pandemic in your work and you don't have to be a published author; first-time writers are welcome!